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Harada Ippei

Continuous Rectangles

Single 8mm, color, sound, 13 minutes, 1987

When I was small, films were not the things you saw in movie theatres. They meant my father's 8mm home movies projected on the white walls of our house. I'm now recording my own son, so history is repeating itself. (HI)


Nathaniel Dorsky

Hours For Jerome, Part 1 & 2

16mm, color, silent, 50 minutes, 1980-82

This footage was shot from 1966 to 1970 and edited over a two-year period ending in July 1982. HOURS FOR JEROME (as in a Book of Hours) is an arrangement of images, energies, and illuminations from daily life. These fragments of light revolve around the four seasons. Part One is spring through summer; Part Two is fall and Winter.

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"Hours For Jerome is simply the most beautifully photographed film that I've ever seen; here we enter the realm of the compassionate and the full achievement of what film can do cinematographically is achieved. It is a privilege to experience the thoughtful unfolding of these images."

(Warren Sonbert)

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