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Tojin-machi Independent Film Festival


As part of the celebrations for the 400th anniversary of Tojin-machi, EIGA ARTS presents a two-day festival of independent films from America and Japan. San Francisco filmmaker, Scott Stark, has been invited to show his own work and introduce some of the best recent films from the USA. Tokyo filmmakers, Onishi Kenji and Yamada Isao will also be present to introduce their own work and a selection of the best independent films from around Japan.

The festival is free and will take place over the 13th and 14th of November in Kyoenji temple, screening four programmes of short films at 1.30pm and 7pm each day.

EIGA ARTS is Kyushu's most active underground cinema, screening avant-garde, independent and experimental film from around the world, each month in Saga City.

Interviews with Onishi Kenji and Yamada Isao can be arranged prior to the festival. Interviews will be available with all filmmakers throughout the festival weekend. Preview tapes are available prior to the festival.

For information in English call: 090 7165 9998

For information in Japanese call: 090 8761 3041


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Tojin-machi Independent Film Festival Programme


November 13th


Programme one

Immer Zu

Janie Geiser

Glass: Memories of Water

Leighton Pierce

Alone: Life Wastes Andy Hardy

Martin Arnold

Floating by Eagle Rock/She is Asleep

Konrad Steiner

Secure the Shadow

Kerry Laitala

The Snowman

Phil Solomon

I'll Walk with God

Scott Stark

Tuning the Sleeping Machine

David Sherman

92 minutes


Programme two


Celluloid Memories

Onishi Kenji

Short Summer Collection :

Soul Mouth; Air Head; Sleep; Waterbed; Window.

Onishi Kenji

Monochrome Head

Ito Takashi


Sueoka Ichiro

Showa Showa

Kurokawa Michiko

Myself Timer

Okuyama Jun'ichi


Manjome Jun

90 minutes


November 14th


Programme one

Fragment of The Night

Yamada Isao

Sad Gadolf

Yamada Isao


Ishida Takashi

Killer Camera

Serizawa Ichiro

Incorrect Continunity

Ota Yo

Cloned Chromosomes

Tachibana Kaoru

Industry and the Sex Doll

Shirao Kazuhiro

88 minutes


Programme two


if you stand with your back to the slowing of the speed of light in water

Julie Murray

The Sound of His Face

Scott Stark

Marietta's Lied

Lewis Klahr

Home Stories

Mathias Müller


Abigail Child

Little Lieutenant

Henry Hills


Abraham Ravett

89 minutes

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