Robin Mather Fixed/Track Bicycle

I no longer own this bike, having sold it in August 2012 to build up a more versatile Surly Long Haul Trucker.

A recent (July 2012) gallery of pictures when the bike was built up is here. There are a few pictures of just the frame and forks, too.

A gallery of the original frame build is here

The frame and fork were custom built by Robin Mather, near Bath (UK). The front triangle is Reynolds 853, the rear stays are 725 and the fork is Reynolds 525. It's silver brazed.

Since I'm 6'1"/90KG, the tubing was selected for strength and durability rather than saving weight. Having said that, when built up the bike weighed just 8.6kg/18.95lb.

The tubes are connected with Pacenti lugs. The fork crown is stainless steel. I asked Robin to cut the lugs so as to make them simple but elegant. Nothing too curly or ornate. I think he did an amazing job. The fork crown and rear fork ends (drop outs) are my two favourite features. The cutting and polishing of the fork crown are incredibly precise as is the paint work by Argos Cycles.

The geometry is as follows:

That's pretty tight for a road bike and not too far off modern track bike geometry for a frame of its size. It's a very comfortable ride given that I asked for something a bit more 'track' than the Surly Steamroller which it replaces.

Both the frame and fork are in very good condition with just a few chips to the paint and a scratch on the top bar.

An older (2004) gallery of pictures is here

The full specification of the bike as I used to ride it is here

The wheels were built by Brixton Cycles and most of the other components were bought from Will at Hubjub.