Research Fellow in Co-operative Higher Education

I’d like to work with more people on research into co-operative higher education/co-operative universities. The EU-funded Marie Curie Individual Fellowships are a way of funding someone (you?) to work with me in Lincoln, UK, for up to two years on a research project that we both define. If this sounds interesting, please read on and get in touch. 

The University of Lincoln and the Co-operative College, UK, wish to support an application for an EU-funded Marie Curie Individual Fellow in the area of ‘co-operative higher education studies’, for example: Co-operative governance of universities; co-operative business models for higher education; employee ownership in tertiary education; trans-national support for co-operative higher education; co-operatives and the ‘free university’ movement; co-operative legislation and tertiary education in national contexts.

Individual Fellowships are for researchers of any nationality and working in any research area who have a PhD or at least four years research experience after completing a degree that would qualify them to enter into a doctoral programme.  Two types of fellowships are offered by the EU Commission: European Fellowships and Global Fellowships.  Researchers must not have been living or working in the UK for more than 12 months in the three years prior to the submission deadline (with exceptions for career restart and reintegration).  In 2015 the submission deadline to the EU Commission is 10th September 2015.  The main aim of MSCA Individual Fellowships is the career development of the fellows.

If successful, the Fellow would be based at the University of Lincoln, UK for up to two years, including a secondment at the Co-operative College in Manchester. The Fellow would be expected to undertake a programme of research which they co-design, including a specific package of support from the University. The living allowance is approx. €5000/month + a family allowance of €500/month where applicable.

For further details of the funding scheme, please visit the European Commission’s website.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of a joint application with the University of Lincoln and Co-operative College, please email Joss Winn (, including a copy of your CV. Thank you.

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